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  1. nice, its great to see other hack n slash lovers 😀 

    but it can go beyond just the warrior titles right? i mean the dmc series, onimusha series, sengoku basara series,etc are also great hack n slash titles.

  2. As a Dynasty Warriors fan and a Computer Science student I must say this was an amazing idea. For an amateur it sure does look better than most, and I specially like the slideshow! If you do manage to get a live chat on there let me know, I'd for sure use your site.

  3. Turned it in with minor changes and received a 98 on it! Thanks for checking it out! I plan to make more websites in the future! Stay tuned for DW8XL Story mode videos returning tomorrow! 

  4. Hey Jerz, that looks awesome! I think you did excellent job and I can see you getting that A too. 🙂  Also, I think you should show this to InspChin and see what he has to say. I think he would seriously like it.

  5. Nice site lol. I use to be in web design but never took it serious cause I needed to do it so I could do some computer programming. I still remember somethings on it and nice job on the FAQ, I could never get that one right, even when the teacher did it on my computer, erased it, and told me step by step I still did it wrong. Oh and I bet your going to probably add/change this later but you should change the home button*But u probabaly know that already* and if you can try making it so the music stays no matter what you click on, that would be cool but then again I might be asking for to much.

  6. This looks really great! The only thing I would suggest is that when you do the official Team Hack and Slash site is add a videos section and everyone from the team can post up their favorite videos or whatever. This is just me thinking out loud here, but either way, you handled this nicely.

  7. I do web site building on the side and its a very appealing site, and seems to function and work very well. The slideshow really does stand it out like "hey look at me i'm badass." Embedded music player looks good. Basically the entire looks good and i like it, Great job. Lmfao at "Army of ponies and glove of kickassery" 

  8. Came out really great. The dynasty warriors music is hot and just the way everything was put together. You know I'm down to put a few dollars down for the site if needed. The only thing that i would tell you to add Characters from the games shown on the left and right of the black boarders since you have some space left but other then that this shit is hot. Love it. You definitely pass that class lol.

  9. And if you are making a chat for the site in the future, I recommend Chatwing, most sites use Chatango but Chatango is pretty limited and it's layout is pretty terrible in my opinion.

  10. Looks cool. Good luck man, the only thing I'd add to it is with the pictures on the homepage it'd be cool to add a few more about there isn't wasted space like just to fill up that black bar but shit don't listen to me if this is a graded piece of work Lmao.


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